Hulk vs Venom

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3 responses to “Hulk vs Venom

  1. Man I just left you a comment in the profile section about your work as an architect but your work as a cartoonist are simply astounishing!!! I’m not a huge fan of super heroes, I mean I do not dislike them but I just handpicked a few ones like Silver Surfer, Vampirella and my very favorite the Watchmen!! So I’m a lot more into like Druillet and Moebius and Bilal and stuff like that but I can appreciate your talent man!!! Do you have one that’s complete or do you have one with the story already in your head that you are drawing little by little??? Just curious because your drawings are really of a professional level!!! By God!! I’m really friend with a guy who made lots of stories for Vampirella T Casey Brennan. This guy has a fascinating life and incredible stuf happened to him and on top of that he is an acclaimed scenarist. Made a post about him: He lives in Ann Arbour Michigan home of some of my of all time fav bands: The Stooges and the MC5! ANyways I really can appreciate your professionalism and your inspiration!! You really should be famous by now!

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