8 responses to “S-Attire [Super Attire] 03

    • I’m very lattered sir, by your invitation to draw your characters.

      Unfortunately, I’m currently loaded with office works, personal projects, and seminars, thats why im just posting my old works here in wp.

      Although i don’t know if I’m qualified to visually create ur characters, I really am grateful, and definitely will give it a try4 if I’m free with responsibilities


      • Don’t worry about it at all. I figured I would throw it out there in case you had some time and felt like doing it. No need to apologize at all trust me. I know everyone has things to do and places to be. I only do this for fun on the side but if you ever get around to it I’d love to see it. Thanks again and I hope you continue reading my content as I’ll keep following yours

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