Gyrro Techkidd

Gyrro Techkidd is a robot mascot for Technews, a Manila Bulletin newspaper section that features techie gadgets. He is a hybrid/combination type android kid with mechanical body parts composed mainly of modern devices to represent the concept of Technews. Weird parts were fitted in to complement his robotic anatomy, as well as to craft a character that resembles me as his creator.


Gyrro was designed to have a modular interchangeable and tech-morphing parts to keep up with the fast evolving world of cyber technology. As Gyrro’s Architect, my dream is to see him as a character in a video game and/or in a 3D animated film.

Aside from Technews, Gyrro also made published appearances on Tech 101, Digital Generation, and Funpage. Please check some of his poses on Gyrro Artworks [click here] and on Gyrro Technews Calendar [click here] where he connects with other guest characters. [note : copyright to these characters belong to their original creators]